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  • Get More Done … by Easing Up

    You can get more done by easing up. I believe that absolutely, and that's why I created Productivity Poolside.It's a philosophy that teaches business-owners to dissolve barriers, ditch distractions, and blow past self-doubt.Your mind gets quiet, answers come easily, and business seems effortless. No more 15-hour work-days, no more being pulled in 10 directions, no more wondering if your biz will make it.You'll grow your business easily, have the success you deserve, and enjoy more time being poolside ... or doing whatever you would do with those extra hours.

    Come play with us.

Does Checking Email Slow Your Big Projects ?

It seems logical: when you need a rest from your bigger projects, you might as well do some easy work like checking email, right? Think again. Checking email might be the reason your big projects aren’t getting done. Here’s the problem: When you look at all those email messages, your brain’s attention gets interested in […]

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Is It Better to Look at Risks or Focus on the Positive?

Years ago, I took a motorcycle training course. It was led by one of those Harley riders who looks gruff but has a teddy-bear wrapped around his sissy-bar, to let you know that he's a kid at heart.    At our first class he warned us, "if you see an obstacle in the road, your […]

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Why Must You Play In Business? Lessons from a Husky and a Polar Bear

If you've ever felt like you had problems with no solution, read on ... How could a 100 lb husky win when it's the prey of a half-ton polar bear? That's what happened when photographer Norbert Rosing stepped away from his camp. As related by Stuart Brown, the dog was in trouble. She couldn't run […]

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Make Your Schedule Work for You

Feeling trapped and oppressed by your schedule? If you are, then you’re doing it wrong. My hunch is your schedule probably includes all the things you have to do and don’t want to … the things you wouldn’t do, unless you bullied yourself into them. A great schedule blocks off time for you to do […]

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Work WITH Your Inner Rebel

Today I'm going to help you work with your inner rebel. You know your inner rebel. She's the part of you that drags her heels, convincing you to check your email or Facebook when you know you should be working. She's the biggest drag on your productivity since, well, email or Facebook. So often, we […]

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